OK here goes we have decided on 4 main cocktails for the night and I am currently working on idea’s for dispencing them in a more Steampunk fitting manor. Here are the ones we settled on:

The Wild Wild West

Vodka, Southern Comfort, Sloe Gin, Orange juice

I think the idea with this one is that after a few everything turns a bit cowboy.

The Hellboy

Dark Rum, White Rum, lime juice, passion fruit juice, pinapple juice, orange juice.

A nice fruity one here you shouldn’t see little red men until at least 4 of these I hope.

The Sky Captain

Melon liquer, rum, lime juice, pineapple and lemonade.

Apparently they don’t even taste like they have alcohol in them. Yep a few of these and it’s floating in the sky time.

The Sucker Punch

Dry cider, dry white wine, brandy, orange juice, apple juice and dry ginger ale.

We have to have a punch right? Ok so this ones a good one we hope.

We will be having a dry run over the next few weeks just to test them if anyone want to be test subjects let me know!